In new York, prices for rental housing

This week, residents of the Big Apple, rent an apartment for a so-called «stabilized rent» faced with a new reason for disappointment. The authorities in new York city allowed landlords to raise prices 1-2. 5% depending on the duration of the contract.

This decision was challenged in court by human rights groups unhappy with the new rules and the rescission of the next increase. However, the state regulator refused to preserve the old order of things, stating that the increase is a necessary measure.

According to published information, everyone who will sign, beginning from September 30, the contract with stabilized rents will spend 1% more than the former. This applies to contracts concluded for one year.

If the same person rents an apartment for two years, then he should prepare for the increase in prices by 2.5%. The authorities said that the innovation will also affect homes with certain tax benefits.

Worth noting: those on the hands are the existing leases in the future will also face increased fees for square footage. When renegotiation of the deal the landlord has the right to raise the price in accordance with the new order.

Today in new York housing with stabilized rents and has about $1 million objects, including apartments and private homes. Next year, the authorities intend to return to the issue of the rent increase.


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