In new York city belong to Donald Trump?

President Donald trump is not only a resident of new York but the magnate in real estate, owning buildings throughout the city. Especially chose a former businessman and now a politician it is the heart of the Big Apple — Manhattan.

Throughout the city there are so many signs with the name trump that many new Yorkers simply stopped noticing, so we offer you a list of all buildings and places belonging to the Trump Organization in new York.

Trump International Hotel & Tower

As in most buildings of the Trump Organization, it’s hard not to notice who they belong to. Hotel Trump International Hotel & Tower is located at 1 Central Park West. From the hotel overlooks the famous Central Park. 20 January 2017, the hotel celebrated its 20th anniversary.

In new York city belong to Donald Trump?
Trump International Hotel & Tower. Source: flickr
Trump Building at 40 Wall St.

The building of the Trump Building on wall Street’s rich history. At the time of its completion in 1930 it received the title of the tallest building in the world for one month, and in 1998, the Trump Building received the status of architectural monument.

Trump World Tower

This residential skyscraper, located at 845 United Nations Plaza is across the street from the headquarters of the United Nations. The most expensive penthouse with a total area of 1858 m2 was estimated at $58 million. the building also features a restaurant and a bar.

The Trump Tower

Another building with the name of the President of the Trump Tower (721 Fifth Ave.) at the time of completion of construction in 1983, it was the tallest glass building in Manhattan. The tower got even more famous as the headquarters for the presidential campaign of trump. Near this skyscraper often occur protests do not agree with the decisions of the American leader.

In new York city belong to Donald Trump?
The Trump Tower. Source: flickr
Trump SoHo

Hotel Trump SoHo at 246 Spring St. was built in 2010 beside the world famous galleries, shops and restaurants, despite some opposition from non-profit organizations, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, which deals with the conservation of the architectural heritage and historical culture of new York. In 2017, the Trump SoHo was renamed Dominick.

Trump Park Avenue

This former hotel on the Upper East side that Donald trump has transformed a 35-storey residential condominium. The building, located at 502 Park Ave., there are 120 luxury apartments and 8 penthouses.


Wollman Rink, the largest rink in Central Park in 1986, was purchased and renovated trump. This is a popular place for residents and visitors of new York is located near the southern entrance of the Park at 830 5th Ave. near the intersection of 59th Street and 6th Ave.

In new York city belong to Donald Trump?
Wollman. Source: flickr
Friedsam Memorial Carousel

Vintage carousel, which dates to 1871, is also located in Central Park and is owned by the Trump Organization. The attraction was renovated in 2010.

Trump Parc and Trump Parc East

It is two adjacent residential buildings in Manhattan, owned by the Trump Organization. The location of the Trump Parc and Trump Parc East is a dream for many Americans, because they are directly opposite Central Park, at 6th Ave.

In new York city belong to Donald Trump?
Trump Parc and Trump Parc East. Source: flickr
Trump Palace

Located on the Upper East side at 200 E. 69th St. 54-story Trump Palace has become an iconic addition to the skyline of Manhattan.

Trump Place

Condominiums complex Trump Place is located along the Hudson river from West 59th St. to West 72nd St. The building, located at 200, 220 and 240 Riverside Blvd., changed the name Trump shortly after being elected President in 2016.

610 Park Ave.

Former Mayfair hotel, originally built in 1925, was renovated and converted into a luxury condominium in 1998. the Building is located on the Upper East side at the intersection of East 65th Street and Park Avenue.