Looking for affordable housing? View near the cemetery

If the house is in the vicinity of the cemetery, funeral home or mortuary, it certainly is cheaper than similar options in the more «fun» areas. This is true for most cities in the United States, says a real estate site Trulia, although there are exceptions.

Alexander Lee, an analyst at Trulia, has studied the September housing prices in the 100 most populous U.S. cities, tracked via GeoNames and Yelp their dynamics depending on the proximity of the sale to cemeteries, funeral homes and mortuaries.

So here are the top 5 citieswhere the property is located a quarter mile (402 m) from «silent neighbors», offered at a price below the average:

The city
% discount on accommodation
The average price on the list*
The average availability of housing**
Allentown (PA)
13.6% of
$ 220 480
23.6% of
Columbia (South Carolina)
$ 207 981
Pittsburgh (PA)
$ 175 000
Albany (New York)
$ 249 250
Rochester (New York)
10.6% of
$ 159 900

* The average price (median price) — the cost of an average house in the row. All properties were built at a cost analyst and took the price of the average object. Thus, the price of 50% of the homes in the list below the median price, the price is 50% higher.

** % of average income (median income) that you want to purchase a home at the average price.

The undisputed leader — Allentown, located in the so-called rust belt (ang. Rust Belt). Here at home within quarter of a mile from «scary» places are sold is 13.6% less than the more remote.

However, in some cities it is almost impossible to find housing away from cemeteries and related institutions. In three cities in Pennsylvania — Allentown, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, almost all the houses are located in the vicinity of the cemetery, mortuary or funeral home. So, baboutmost of all the houses in Philadelphia was a half mile (804 m) from these places, and about every 5th house is just a quarter mile from them.

However, here the cemetery is not perceived as a disadvantage. Rather, quite the contrary. After all, before city authorities had not set up special rest areas: public parks, squares, etc. Their function was performed by the cemetery: people here walking, reading, vacationing, and even picnics.

These cemeteries are the final resting place for many famous historical figures, so now people are even ready to pay extra to live next to a city landmark. So, in the old part of Philadelphia is a historical place — Christ Church Burial Groundwhere the tombs of Benjamin Franklin and other well-known fighters for the independence of the United States.

And in New Orleans (La) cemetery is located in the heart of the city, from houses separated by white wall and attracts tourists with its unusual «appearance». The fact that New Orleans is located in swampy areas below sea level, so the dead here are buried under and above ground in family tombs with no Windows and doors.

By the way, in Brooklyn appeared again affordable housing.