De Blasio offered to private developers to renovate homes NYCHA

The new York mayor De Blasio announced a major investment in NYCHA through a public-private partnership, which according to his calculations, would bring $13 billion.

These funds will be spent on repairs of 62 thousand apartments, improving conditions for more than 100 thousand inhabitants of new York: «This is a turning point for tens of thousands of NYCHA residents. We have the opportunity to end a decade of neglect and mismanagement, and we must do it.»

Today we announced a major investment in the future of @NYCHA with a public-private partnership that will bring $13 billion in renovations to 62,000 apartments, improving conditions for more than 100,000 New Yorkers who call NYCHA home.

— Mayor Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) November 19, 2018

The mayor called a public-private partnership one of the best and proven tools in the urban economy, including for repairs. Private managers can be attracted to the quality control of the work and the living conditions of tenants.

What is the plan De Blasio

NYCHA will pass control to 62 thousands of their apartments to private developers, who will do all the necessary repairs. According to the plan, the apartment is converted into a Federal housing program under section 8, but developers will be able to rent the building Housing the control only on a long term basis and will manage them in exactly the same way as private landlords. When long-term lease expires, the property returns to NYCHA. Low rents will be supported by Federal subsidies.

Approximately 140 000 inhabitants, who rented these apartments now, will retain their rights as residents of public housing and remain in their homes during repairs.

The mayor stated that the apartments will remain affordable and rents will be no more than 30 percent of income. Repairs will include replacement of Windows, tiles, renewal of bathrooms and kitchens, roof repairs, replacement of elevators and renovation in the hallways.

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) — the housing authority of the state of new York, which provides housing for citizens with low and middle income in the five boroughs of new York. According to various sources, NYCHA apartments is home to about 400 thousand people.

A federal judge has rejected a proposed settlement NYCHA, over a failure to follow lead paint protocols

— amNewYork (@amNewYork) November 14, 2018

NYCHA has never been a Paradise, but would cease to be hell

In June this year, the Federal government has forced NYCHA to spend more than $1 billion as part of the settlement of disputes with the state inspection services and tenants, and uncovered a lot of false statements and false documents that conceal problems from inspectors and regulating the provision of housing subsidies. The town then agreed to pay $1 billion over four years and an additional $200 million a year for the next six years, and the monitoring of the observer for the Agency for ten years.

For many years, NYCHA residents complain of inhumane conditions. Cold, cockroaches, rats, leaking pipes and mold on the walls have featured prominently in the complaints of the applicants.

Interim chair and CEO of NYCHA Stanley Bisenov in October, responding to criticism, said: «Because our facilities need repair in the amount of $32 billion, a new radical approach to find the money». The mayor proposed approach is really radical and even risky.

NYCHA interim chair Stanley Brezenoff came to The Post»s editorial board today and spent more than an hour talking about the settlement, monitor, lead, $32b repair bill and Hizzoner —

— Nolan Hicks (@ndhapple) October 17, 2018

But many were quick to praise the mayor’s plan. So, city Councilman of the Bronx, Ritchie Torres told CBS New York that he likes the idea: «This is a win for NYCHA. This is a victory for the city. This is a victory for tenants. This idea has the potential to bring billions of dollars for long-term repair and improve state housing.»