In connection with the closing of the tunnel East River fell flat in Williamsburg

In Williamsburg, the demand for rental apartments fell from October 2017 1%. This is the only area of new York where the popularity of the rental housing falls. And it is, most likely, the MTA plans to stop at 15 months the movement of subway trains in connection with the closing of the East River tunnel.

Williamsburg has more apartments than ever. But with the shutdown coming, renters are losing interest.

— StreetEasy (@streeteasy) December 5, 2018

According to a report on the dynamics of the rental market in new York city, StreetEasy published, the demand for rental housing throughout the metropolis more or less uniformly increasing. The only exception is Williamsburg, which marked a decline of 1%. Experts attribute this to the planned closure of the tunnel the East River, which with APR for 15 months will stop the movement of trains from this area to the rest of the city. In winter, when the demand for rental housing typically falls as the time to rent an apartment in Williamsburg for a reduced price, if you know how then you will reach the center.

A surprise from the metro even more unpleasant for landlords of Williamsburg for the rest of the report data StreetEasy. In the same class areas of long island and Brooklyn, that hasn’t lost metrosvyaz with the main part of new York, the demand for rental housing is growing, and with it the price. And even in the neighborhood of Greenpoint and Bushwick, where there is no subway, but there are trains G and M, there is a growth of 1-2%.