62% of NY residents support the placement of the Amazon campus

Quinnipiac University today published the results of a survey of new Yorkers about their relationship to Amazon. From 13 to March 18 were surveyed 1216 people throughout NYC and NY. According to statistics, the level of dissatisfaction with the terms of the transaction with Amazon has been greatly exaggerated. Most of the support of Governor Cuomo and benefits for the company.

62% of NY residents support the placement of the Amazon campus62% of NY residents support the placement of the Amazon campusflickr.com/Jörg Schubert/CC

Amazon has been negotiating with new York on the deployment of its campus in Queens. Presumably, the deal would give 25 thousand jobs and billions in additional revenue, but in return the company asked for tax incentives. Governor Cuomo and mayor De Blasio were willing to go on these terms, but the deal collapsed because of the active protests of the progressives. According to protesters, they were unanimous and the majority of new Yorkers.

However, according to the report, Quinnipiac, 62% support Cuomo’s efforts to attract companies in new York and only 29% believe it is not needed. 59% of respondents support granting Amazon (and other companies in similar conditions) tax incentives (32% believe it is unacceptable). The support is almost equally strong among representatives of different parties, sex, education, age, racial and regional groups. A poll by Quinnipiac University Poll, held under the direction of doctor of science Douglas Schwartz, on the gold standard using the random dialing by using interviewers who call landlines and mobile phones.

«Can we try again?» Looking back, the people of new York believe that these hotly debated incentives offered by Amazon, in the end was worth it. Nearly two-thirds of new Yorkers want elected officials tried to persuade Amazon to reconsider its decision not to build a campus in new York city,» says Mary snow, an analyst at the polls for Quinnipiac University Poll.