The Brooklyn resident received a bill of $550 000 for water. I suspect that it’s in the leak

28-year-old Joseph Sparrow in Brooklyn received a water bill of $550 000. Is a debt for the five years from 2013. The company explains such an account possible water leakage in the house Sparrow. However, the owner of the house no waterfalls or lakes in my home and in the yard not seen.

Story tonight on Nightside…Joseph Sparrow (on the right) dealing with a massive water bill! $550,000. John Zandi (on the left) trying to help him sort it out. Hopefully it all gets resolved soon #nycdep #waterbill #brooklyn

— Katie Vasquez (@KatieVasquezTV) March 27, 2019

In 2013 Sparrow in East Flatbush for the first time received a water bill of $15 000 instead of the usual $200. The city then suggested that the homeowner hire a contractor to do excavations under the house and find the leak. Joseph Sparrow decided not to pay, and to hire a tax accountant for verification. The power is still shut off his water.

«Yet» been four years, and, despite the fact that the house is disconnected from the water bills continue to go, and now Sparrow needs $550 000, though the last four years no longer lives in this house. He told Brooklyn News that many times appeal and complaint, but was refused. Now, even if he will be able to resolve their issues, he’s going to sell this house and «leave this Chapter of his life behind him.»