About 100 people are charged with marriage fraud for the purpose of receiving green card

Nearly 100 people in Texas accused in marriage fraud scheme aimed at obtaining a green card USA for citizens of Vietnam.

This was announced by Immigration and customs enforcement of the United States.

The alleged «ringleader» of the scheme, a resident of Houston Ashley Yen Nguyen, were staff working in all areas of Texas and Vietnam.

In the indictment the names of the 96 people. It is anticipated that over the past six years, the organization has concluded 150 sham marriages.

«Marriage fraud is a serious crime, — said the Director of the office of the USCIS in Houston Tony Bryson. — USCIS is continuing its work to ensure national security, public safety and our immigration system.»

According to ICE, each customer paid Nguyen between $50 000 and $70 000 for status as a permanent resident of the United States.

In the documents the prosecution argues that the organizers of the scheme went so far that he even prepared fake wedding photo albums.

The suspects also provided the USCIS about information on taxes, utilities and employment.
«The couple dated only for a short time, usually just before to obtain a marriage license, or not met,» — said in a statement the USCIS.

All defendants face up to 20 years in prison.

Mark Carter, lawyer of the alleged organiser of the scheme, Ashley Yen Nguyen, said channel KTRK that his client is «accused because she was helping people.»