«I couldn’t do nothing»: In Philadelphia, the son climbed on the 15th floor during the fire to save the mother

The 35-year-old Jermaine from Philadelphia, great experience in conquering heights: he worked as a roofer and Builder, and childhood was a real lover of adventure.

«Child, I sometimes had to jump across rooftops. — says the man had been Useful experience.»

Germaine skills came in handy on Thursday night, July 18, when the 19-story building at 4445 Holden Street, where he lived with his bedridden mother, the fire started. The man learned about the incident from her sister and immediately rushed to the scene, but police did not allow him to go inside.

«They said that the elevators do not work, and I said, «No problem, I climb the stairs». — says Germaine — I explained that my mother is sick and can not get out of bed, <…> but they kept repeating that they can’t let me in — and I decided to take matters into their own hands. It’s my mother, how could I do nothing?»

Once the stairs were not up, Jermaine decided to climb through the building and clinging to the balcony, managed to get to the 15th floor.

«It’s all about her. — emphasizes the man — About his [security] I never even thought of. She can’t get out of bed and walk to the door, so when a fire starts — she needs help.»

Fortunately, the fire had time to spread too far, and 65-year-old Sheila was not injured. She assured her son that in order, and Jermaine just went down the same way you were raised. On one of the floors he was able to film journalists, and in the morning the man woke up famous.

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Jermaine was sure that him will detain, it is necessary only to be back on earth — but the officer entered the position of men and simply advised to leave, until he was arrested.

«It’s all adrenaline. says Jermaine — If you think that your mother is dying, will do anything».

According to authorities, the fire started from burning debris. Four residents and three firefighters were hospitalized from smoke in the lungs and heat stroke.