Madonna needs to pay court costs after she lost a court co-op in new York

Madonna has to pay the attorney fees of the Board of the housing co-op on Central Park West after a three-year trial, which ended with her defeat.

Madonna needs to pay court costs after she lost a court co-op in new YorkThe Harperley Hall building where Madonna lives. Source: google/maps

The pop star has filed a lawsuit against the Board of an apartment house Harperley Hall in April 2016 due to rules forbidding her children and the people who work for her, to be in the housing when it is not there. In her lawsuit, she claimed that «he is constantly on tour around the world» and «wants her daughters, sons and/or servant and/or baby and/or person who looks after the apartment» remained in the apartment even in her absence.

In the past year, the Manhattan judge Gerald Lebowitz decided in favor of the cooperative. He ruled that Madonna’s too late start to challenge the rules of the Charter of the tenants, because they were changed for 2 years before she asked for solution in court.

But the singer did not want to accept the loss. She continued to fight in court for accounting journals even after the challenging conditions of its lease was rejected.

In a statement released on Friday, July 25, the decision Lebowitz noted that it had previously warned the lawyer of the Madonna, not to engage in «prosecution». Now the judge has scheduled a hearing to determine how much the singer will pay the cooperative for the services of lawyers.

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The Harperley Hall building, built in 1910, is located along the Central Park. Apartment Madonna it costs $7.3 million