The family bought the dream house, and began to terrorize the «Looking», not allowing them to live in it day

The family began to receive threatening letters in 3 days after in 2014, acquired the dream house. They never moved into their house.

This story would be a great scenario for a horror movie: the family receives threatening notes a few days after purchasing the home. But for Derek and Maria Broaddus tension after buying their home in new Jersey, was more than real.

So real that they sold the house at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, new Jersey in July at a loss. They are unable to enjoy life in the new house and stayed in it for a day. The building, constructed in 1905, and in July it sold for $959 million, while in 2014, Derek and Maria bought a 6-bedroom colonial style house in the affluent suburb for $1.3 million

Just 3 days after the deal was made, the family received the first of many threatening letters from an unknown person who called himself «Looking». Author notes – whose identity could not be installed even hired by the family, the detectives apparently followed the family from somewhere nearby.

It followed from the fact that the author notes noticed repair machine pair, the comings and goings of builders, carrying out work in the house, and the fact that Derek and Maria have grown 3 young children. He or she wrote:

Your previous home was too small for a growing family? Or out of greed you brought me my children? As soon as I know their names, I will call them to himself.

Mr. Broaddus called the police, and the couple immediately wrote an email to the previous owners, John and Andrew woods, asking whether they received such letters. Mr. woods replied that they had lived in the house 23 years and never had a similar incident. But a few days before departure they received a letter from «Looking», said Richard Kaplow, a lawyer representing the family woods when Broaddus filed them in court. Kaplow added that «the threats in that letter was not» and was not «statements as to who owns the house.»

2 weeks later came another letter. It said:

The builders worked hard. They have found that hidden in the walls? Over time you will find.

First, the family decided that notes sends the person failed to buy this house, but this theory was quickly abandoned. Then suspicion fell on a nearby house, where lived a 90-year-old widow with older children around the age of 60 years. The police interviewed them, but they denied that they know anything about the letters.

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Mr. Broaddus mounted cameras and hired private investigators, including former FBI agent, but his team was unable to solve the riddle. The pair started to suspect all the neighbors and could not relax. They had nightmares. His house was sold and they lived with their parents, Mr. Broaddus nearby, afraid to move into new housing. They soon decided to sell the purchased house. But rumors quickly spread in the small town as to why the new owners don’t get it. No one wanted to buy the property. Derek and Maria lowered the price and opened in front of potential customers the whole truth about the letters. They also filed a lawsuit against the former owners, who did not inform them about the email. The claim was later rejected.

When this story was reported in the press, a local reporter, it became viral. Near the house were the cars of the journalists and the owners of the house rushed requests to comment on what is happening.

Mr. Kaplow explained: «In such a small town like this, the story of the house «Looking» has done a lot of noise.»

The story really has excited many locals, some of whom even accused a couple that they wrote these notes, but Derek and Maria charges denied.

The couple was finally able to hand over the house to rent. The new owners, Andrew and Allison Carr refused to comment, asking to respect their right to privacy. Their estate agent also refused to comment on the situation.