Horror Hitchcock: the Vultures dirtied the house for $700 thousand in Florida so that it is impossible to live

A couple from new York bought a holiday home in Florida for $700 million — but don’t use it because a bunch of vultures literally occupied residence.

House with three bedrooms, an indoor pool and a plot of three quarters of an acre with a great view is empty. Husband with his wife and young daughter can’t even Park outside. They say that the smell in the house like «a thousand rotting corpses», and the couple openly fear for the baby.

Dozens, if not hundreds of grey vultures have chosen their new house, broke barriers and made endless picnic by the pool.

According to the owners, the bird regularly feeds the neighbor and hundreds of vultures occupy a nearby house to be closer to the trough. The first time the damage was costing them about $3 million for repairs, but after a few weeks the alarm went off: birds descended again and the house returned to its former state.

«There’s feces and vomiting. It’s just creepy. We can’t even return home,» said Anthony Casimano The Palm Beach Post.

Another neighbor, Cheryl Katz, said that her situation is much worse. The woman lives near the same lyubitelnicy animal that feeds birds. Once in her house flew 20 vultures who could not understand how to get and absolutely mad.

«Imagine 20 large vultures are trapped and attacked each other, biting to the bone. said Katz — They knocked at the window, flying away from the fellow, leaving blood everywhere. Nasty, eerie sight. It was on memorial Day, so no company I called could not to help me.»

Cheryl Katz — chronic lymphocytic leukemia, a cancer of the blood, which makes it vulnerable to infection and the woman is very afraid of birds. She even wanted to sell your house and move, but no one will buy this distressed housing.

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Neighbors say that the elderly resident in their area — Irma Acosta Arya — feeding vultures, raccoons and other wild animals. According to them, she buys for the inhabitants of nature dog food and ready meals. On phone messages Arya is not responding.

Rumor has it that she even visited the local swamp to feed the alligators. After the staff of Management on fishery resources and the wild caught adult alligator in the area, Arya seems to be stopped to see alligators, but still cares about other animals.

Before homeowners are not faced with the problem of wild vultures and literally don’t know what to do. Migratory birds protected by Federal law in Florida: you can’t kill them or harass.

Everything else, hungry black vulture may attack Pets. Therefore, those birds better stay away.

Stan Smith, a specialist in the field of agriculture and natural resources Ohio state, believes that of the options the residents are not very many. You can get Federal permission to kill one of the vultures, then hang on the tree or elsewhere, to other vultures saw a corpse for miles around. After that for many years they will bypass the plot side. But to obtain such permission is difficult.