The mayor of new York bill De Blasio facilitated the participation of illegal immigrants in the lottery for affordable housing

The people of new York, whose family members are in the country illegally, it will be easier to apply for lottery affordable housing under changes announced by the mayor Wednesday, August 21.

The administration of new York mayor bill De Blasio decided not to require the applicant’s social security number or TIN (taxpayer identification number). This change will lead to the opening of the lottery for many immigrants without documents who do not have social security numbers and who do not want to apply for a taxpayer identification number.

Under the new rules, tenants can bypass the requirement of credit check, providing proof that they paid rent for the year.

«This completely opens up the floodgates,» says Ana núñez from non-profit organizations Churches United For Fair Housing, helping people apply for a lottery of affordable housing.

Núñez said that the undocumented immigrants trust her.

«They have no social security numbers or INN… They may fear that when they turn, especially this administration, they can face some consequences… so now this huge barrier is removed,» said núñez.

Last year, new Yorkers participated in the city lotteries with affordable housing 4 654 603 times. Only 7 857 «won» the right to an apartment with a rent below market.

The municipality claims that the strict immigration policy of President trump is a major cause of change.

«The trump has created a chilling effect,» says assistant Commissioner for housing opportunities and programs in the Department of preservation and development of housing for Margie brown.

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But, according to the official, not only did it affect the decision of the mayor. Brown notes that the city has long considered the question of the abolition of the requirement of credit reports.

«There are racial differences in the credits. We don’t want these differences extended to those who have access to affordable housing,» emphasizes brown.

The main opponent of De Blasio in the city Council quickly criticized the idea.

«This is the latest idiotic idea dreamed up by this administration, î said Council member Eric Ulrich from Queens. Mayor sets people up for failure and a disservice to new Yorkers who desperately need affordable housing.»

In addition to these changes, city housing agencies reduce the fee for a credit check up to $ 20 in accordance with the new state law about renting. A municipality relaxes rules about the size of apartments to allow more people to squeeze into a small apartment.