Bed bugs rained like dandruff from findings under the mattress was crawling even seasoned professionals (video)

Company for pest control found in a residential building just incredible colony of bed bugs, and the sight goose bumps.

Rory McCarthy (50), owner of Bug Boys, which kills pests, arrived on a call in Maryland on July 17. During the inspection the man looked under the mattress of the owner of the house and found a whole army of bed bugs. At the beginning of the video shared from Rory, he warns his employees to keep your pants away from the bed before demonstrates the level of infestation at home.

When his team picks up the mattress, blood-sucking insects fall on the floor like dandruff. A terrifying army of creatures immediately begins to run through the mattress. It is obvious that bed bugs are feeling very at ease, and hundreds of insects occurring on standing next to the chairs and pillows.

Closeup shots show so terrific level of contamination of the premises with parasites that it shocked even the worldly-wise owner of the company for the pest control. McCarthy says, «Oh, God, I’ve never seen.»

He admitted: «I’ve been doing this for 25 years and is still surprised to see a large colony».

If a huge colony of bed bugs was so struck by the professional, then what about ordinary users of social networks.

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One commenter wrote under the post McCarthy on Facebook: «Burn it. House. To the ground». Another wrote: «I Remember before we said «good night, sweet dreams and let the insects do not bite». But earlier it was just a wish of pleasant dreams to children. Now it is not.»

Moreover, McCarthy responded to a question from curious users confirming that the home owner actually slept on this mattress. «He’s really asleep,» wrote McCarthy. «I told him that he should stop sleeping there. We’ll do the cleaning of his home on Saturday.»

Company Orkin, which also fights pests, reports that Baltimore, Maryland has become the most bed bugs infested city in the country over the past year. The company held the largest number of cleansing houses from bed bugs from 1 December 2017 to 30 November 2018.