The family could not sell the old house, which gave them rest, «knowing what they know»

Aaron and Erin Clark believed that he had found a dream home when purchased and updated a 109-year-old building in Jefferson city in Missouri. But the dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

In August 2017, the couple bought a historic building with space of 5 thousand square feet at 500 E. Miller St. The building is called Hobo Hill House. Aaron and Erin had restored it, and was preparing to enjoy a quiet life, suddenly started to happen strange and inexplicable things. «We decided that in our house there is some kind of paranormal activity that, admittedly, sounds stupid,» Aaron told the News Tribune.

TV, lighting, heaters and kitchen sink included by themselves. The family pet – a pit bull – refused to go to certain parts of the house, for example, to the stairs. And do Aaron and Erin heard loud bangs, squeaks and the voice that said «Hello» when they come into the house. But most of all shocked husband and wife the incident with 8-year-old daughter of the couple.

The girl had nightmares, and she began to walk at night. «Once I saw that she was standing beside the bed, looking out the window, and cried, sobbed. I saw up and down her shoulders. I asked «Ryan, what happened? Are you okay? Are you okay?»» — said Aaron KRGC TV.

«She turned to terror scared me because her face changed from crying to a huge smile, like the Cheshire cat or the Joker». Aaron also said that his daughter «was wide open eyes, she was shaking, and she seemed possessed».

Another case has convinced a few that the house covered in ghosts. «The most crazy, in addition to the incident with her daughter, in my opinion, occurred when my wife and I saw a tall man in a suit and top hat,» admitted Aaron.

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All this was unbearable for the family, so they decided to move after only 7 months after entry into the house. But instead to sell the building, they decided to play on his obsessions and rent it for rent. «We did not deem it proper to sell the house to another family knowing that we know»,- explained the decision of the family of Aaron. «Close to the prison and the people in Jefferson city are interested in such things, we just started to rent a house in rent, so people can stop in and get a chance to meet a Ghost.»

Although, as noted by Aaron, the first group of thrill-seekers who had rented a house, «unable to hold it all night.»

For some it may be intimidating, but for others – an interesting experience, and some people have indeed managed to notice things that confirm the suspicions of the pair. «I was glad to know that we’re not crazy,» adds Aaron. «And what we felt and experienced, it was true.»