Residents of apartment buildings are forced to look for another accommodation, because under the building found about 100 graves

Residents of an apartment complex in Tampa Florida forced to move after the shocking findings – it turns out that they lived above their long-lost African-American cemetery.

«This is covered in dense vegetation areas have discovered many remains,» — said Connie Burton, who lived in Robles Park Village on Florida Avenue for about 20 years.

Since the area is really densely covered with vegetation, the archaeologist had to use radar to detect more than 120 possible coffins.

Newspaper Tampa Bay Times has linked a long-lost cemetery Zion 1900 years with this apartment complex. Obviously, it was the first African-American cemetery in Tampa. Report of the Tampa Bay Times has forced the management of public housing to conduct its own investigation.

Burton said: «When we were kids, we heard that it was a memorable place, but we paid it little attention because, you know, at the time we needed housing.»

Yvette Lewis, President of the National Association for the advancement of colored people (NAACP) in Hillsboro, admitted that he was shocked by the discovery. «It’s time for this city to correct their mistakes,» she said.

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Lewis said that for people who died in this emerging city, there is peace. «The resting places of people is where they should be at rest,» said Lewis. «And their souls can’t even calm down because they are disturbed».

Burton praised the management of public housing for the way they behaved after this discovery. She said she was pleasantly surprised that management will turn the cemetery into a memorial.

It is reported that the management of public housing will move about 30 families, who up to this point lived in the complex.