«Unprecedented in new York»: infection a multimillion-dollar housing with radon has led to the death from cancer of a cat and four dogs

According to a new lawsuit filed in the Supreme court of the state of new York, the natural radioactive gas radon seeps through the floorboards of expensive housing in a complex of 42 apartment buildings in West Village Houses.

Nick Hartman (’54) and his wife Tony Allokka (55 years), who own the diner Olive’s in SOHO, argue that the invisible gas that has no fragrance, have turned their home into a cemetery for animals after five of their Pets died of cancer.

The couple filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the building, explaining that they refused to take immediate action.

Hartman says: «In my lifetime I have had about 50 Pets. Only one of them died from cancer.»

In 2007, a year after the purchase of an apartment of 1500 square feet of space located in the complex, designed by Jane Jacobs, according to the family, in urine, their 13-year-old Hungarian Vizsla Mabel and 3-year-old pug Daisy may there blood. A visit to the vet revealed that the dog suffering from bladder cancer and lymphoma, respectively. They died in the same year.

In 2017, according to the lawsuit, unpleasant smell in the apartment and mold led to the discovery that the drain pipe under the basement bodwells to corrosion, leading to leakage of storm water.

«My daughter said, «Daddy, I feel bad when I’m in your room»» — Nick told The Post, noting that family members began to note dizziness, ear problems, headaches and memory loss.

After died their other Pets. Gidget, a 9-year-old pug, died from bladder cancer in 2017. A year from throat cancer died velvet, 12-year-old Vizsla. Cat Cornelius died of lymphoma at the age of 16 years.

«It took me some time to understand how it is not normal that all these animals died of cancer,» said Nick. «When you’re in crisis… it is difficult to put these things together.»

But in March, everything fell into place.

According to court records, the test conducted by the inspector, showed potentially dangerous levels of radon, which can come from contaminated soil and groundwater into the house. The test showed 3.7 and 5.6 picocurie per liter of air. Protection Agency United States environmental recommends a maximum level of 4.0 picocurie per liter of air.

Radon causes 21 thousand cases of lung cancer deaths in the U.S. annually, according to the Agency for environmental protection of the United States. Approximately one out of 15 homes in the country elevated levels of radon, but this problem is less common in new York: only 4% of the homes domestic radon levels above 4 picocurie per litre of air, according to the Ministry of health.

«In fact, this is unprecedented in new York,» said Massimo D’angelo, the attorney for the family.

The housing company refused to comment on the situation. Couple rents another dwelling for the last 20 months. They want the company acquired for them a new home or provide other housing in the building until the problem is solved with radon.

«I can’t afford a new home and my conscience will not allow me to sell it,» says Nick. «Died my Pets. My wife wakes up at night and asks, «What have we done wrong?»»