The student turned 35-year-old van to the new house to save on rent

24-year-old Caitlin Mooney decided not to pay their rent and turned an ordinary van into a real home. The girl acquired your Bedford Midi 1985 in may last year. The purchase cost of 3900 dollars.

Scottish student Caitlin Mooney in Paisley learns to developer of mobile applications. The girl began to notice that all her savings go to pay for the apartment, so she decided that she is tired of the rent and wants a free life. A student bought a van and transformed it into a full-fledged housing. Since Caitlin is constantly improving their van, which she even gave the name — olive.

The idea to move to live in a house on wheels, came out when he died one of the close friends of Caitlin’s. She completely redefined my life and made the plunge.

«I bought it and was going to improve. I had before the little Daihatsu, but it broke. I would like the same to improve it. «says Caitlin. «

The girl experienced the van in August last summer. Caitlin went to a two-week journey to the Netherlands with his dog Marcy. According to her, the trip was a success and was totally comfortable.

«I’m hoping to start in Scotland, to see how it is, and then go to England and to Europe. I want to spend Christmas and New year on the South coast of Spain.»

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea caravan. The girl’s parents didn’t quite support her desire for a kind of lifestyle.

«My parents are traditionalists. There seems to get a job, have children, find a couple and get a mortgage. I may die before retirement, so there’s a chance I’ll never even see it.» — says Caitlin.

But despite this, according to Caitlin, she receives support from her mother and friends. A student preparing for an early move and to completely turn his life around.