Old town sells a house for $1 to attract new residents

Ruins of ancient Roman villas and shrines, the sun, the vineyards on the slopes…

For some the prospect of buying a home in Italy is a chance to leave his old life and start over.

This city offers a number of dilapidated houses at a price slightly more than the dollar (one Euro), wants buyers to have brought «life» with him — encouraging families or groups of friends to buy several properties.

Bisaccia, a picturesque town in the southern Italian region of Campania, puts on the market 90 of the old buildings for one Euro, like other places throughout Italy, trying to save the dying community, encouraging people to move there.

Unlike other towns and villages, presenting offers to people who undertake renovations, officials Bisaccia say that it strongly grouped architecture requires «municipal projects».

Old town sells a house for $1 to attract new residentsPhoto: As Flikr

«Here we encounter a very specific situation, told CNN Travel, Deputy mayor Francesco Tartaglia. Abandoned scope in the most ancient part of the town. These houses are grouped together, some even have a common entrance. That’s why we invite families, groups of friends, relatives, acquaintances or investors to join forces. We encourage them to buy more than one house to really breathe new life into the Bisaccia».

Buyers Covenant to repair the property acquired, but to complete the work not specified the declared level of investment or time.

The advantage of Bisaccia that local authorities possess all the vacant houses, who many years ago left the residents, who went in search of a brighter future.

In most other Italian cities, offering a house valued at one Euro, the offer usually means a complex transaction with the original owners.

«The transfer process we will be quick and smooth, we would not need to seek the descendants of the old owners — said Francesco Tartaglia. The locals were always welcoming, hardworking and cheerful. About new here care. We want this place shining again».