The cheapest property in San Francisco- a Parking space for $100,000

Consider the picturesque San Francisco as the destination of the move, and already represent a vivid picture of the Golden gate bridge? Then think about how much it costs for the property in this Californian city.

According to the portal Zillow, thanks to a booming high-tech industry, the average cost of a home in the city now stands at more than $1.3 million.

So, if you want to buy, having a more modest budget, will be unhappy…unless you are willing to live in the car.

As informs local edition of SF Gate, the cheapest real estate currently available for purchase in San Francisco, is a place to Park just one block from the famous baseball stadium and Oracle Park worth «only» $100 000.

Parking spaces at No. 140, located in a luxurious condominimum the property at 88 Townsend (where the cost of a Studio apartment averages $849 thousand), even has its own real estate agent: bill Williams, of company Compass.

According to Williams, this is a great place to «Park money».

«When you buy some asset, it does not mean that you spent the money. You can put it into circulation again sold. The $100 000 can lie in your Bank account, and can earn you extra income,» said the agent. Prices in San Francisco are constantly growing.

By the way, Parking places, for which I ask six figures or even seven figures is not new. This is a common phenomenon in American cities. For example, in new York city in 2012 appeared on the market a Parking spot at 66 E. 11th St. in Manhattan, for which asked for a million dollars.