«House of tales»: on Airbnb in the US rent an amazing house with swim-up bar and lazy river

If you are looking for the perfect place to gather a big family — maybe a special birthday or something like that, you definitely need to watch this…very unusual property on offer in the US on Airbnb.

Here is one of the largest pools in the room, and a bar where you can swim and lazy river on which you will be able to swim, having a drink.

This house is quite logically called The Pool House, and is located in Scottsdale (Arizona).

Property owners say they spent about $500 thousand to create this idyllic house, which has one of the largest indoor pools in the state.

There is also a lazy river and swim-up bar. In the house — seven bedrooms, there is a sports court with a basketball Hoop and a miniature Golf course.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2020/02/787bc1cbb8726a7131559ad6480e5903.jpg" alt="«House of tales»: on Airbnb in the US rent an amazing house with swim-up bar and lazy river” />Photo: Airbnb

For more active guests cooked hammocks in the garden and a large terrace with barbecue facilities. The games room features foosball and shuffleboard.

You can also book additional services, for example, full Concierge service, massage, yoga classes and catering.

As for the price on this «fairy house», then…everything is relative, but prices start from $2200 per night. Yes, it sounds serious, but when you consider that there can comfortably accommodate 16 people, it’s about $136 per person per night. And, of course, you will have to fly to Arizona, but as they say, you only live once.

Suddenly you are seriously interested in, here is the link to the house on Airbnb.