The couple moved into a new house and found beneath it a 150 snakes

From the lair under the house of a married couple in Colorado has removed more than 150 snakes.

Shannon McFadden and Royce Robbins bought a home on Rushmore Street in Elizabeth (Colorado) in November 2018.

According to them, at first they did not notice any problems, but next spring they started to see snakes crawling out from under the rear porch of the house.

«We started to see the heads of the snakes that appear between the strips of wood» — told KUSA Shannon McFadden.

More reptiles began to appear in the summer months. According to the couple, they found snakes in the yard, under the porch, around the Foundation of the house and even in the bathroom.

«My cat ran into the corner of the bathroom, it was scary,» added Shannon.

In the end, the couple hired an expert who found that under the rear porch of the house was a huge snake pit. In the end, the pair is now said that only from their home dragged more than 150 snakes.

According to Shannon and Royce, they spent all this about $8000.

«We had no idea about snakes when I moved in, we, naturally, said no,» said McFadden.

Real estate sellers and realtors are required to disclose any important facts about the house to potential buyers, in accordance with the laws of the state of Colorado.

The representative Association of realtors Colorado told KUSA channel that disputes about non-disclosure of relevant information are among the most common disputes after the sale of the property.

According to the representative, «contamination of snakes» is defined as a significant fact and should be disclosed, even if the home owners have made efforts to solve the problem.