Nurse kicked out of the house, when the landlord was afraid that he was sick with coronavirus

This Saturday Joseph Hoare, a former soldier and paramedic who works in the National health service in the UK — has shared via Twitter a small but extremely disturbing message. According to Joseph, he lost his apartment because of his work: the landlord was afraid that hoar, as a medical professional, may be the spread of a coronavirus.

«The landlady has evicted me by SMS, because I work in the NHS. — signed Joe a screenshot of them with a woman WhatsApp chat is that tomorrow I will not be able to fulfill their 12-hour shift, which means the ambulance will be one less nurse — although in these difficult times we need workers more than ever.»

In a message sent Joseph, his landlord said «too nervous» due to the fact that in the house lives a NHS employee and have been asked to vacate the premises during the day.

When you work as a paramedic for the NHS and you get evicted over a text by your land lady. Because of this I now won’t be able to work my 12hr night shift tomorrow, so that means one less paramedic on the road. At these unprecedented times we need our NHS demand more than ever.

— Joseph Hoar (@joseph_hoar) March 21, 2020

«Sooner or later, — she wrote — you will face at work with the coronavirus. Find, please, a temporary housing on Airbnb and get your stuff tomorrow. In another situation I would not ask for such, but the danger is too great».

Unfortunately, the case of Hoare — not the only one. According to the NHS, the last time health workers regularly find themselves on the verge of eviction due to the fact that «people don’t want to live with them».

The British authorities have already introduced an emergency bill designed to protect tenants during a pandemic: according to him, the tenants will not be able to drive at least for 3 months.