The owners give the gift of «inhabited by ghosts» of the house, but wanting to take it there

The owners of the creepy old house that is reminiscent of the Amityville say they can’t get rid of the house because people believe that it is haunted. So if you’ve always wanted to own a haunted house, this is your chance.

House with 4 bedrooms in Angusville, Louisiana, refers to the 1930-th years and during this time he earned a pretty horrible reputation.

Agent real estate Silvia McLain, co-owner of McLain Investments, says she has released the pictures of the house in Facebook that someone took a house for free. However, due to the fact that former residents have repeatedly complained about «strange accidents» in the house, no one wants to take him even for free.

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Geplaatst door Sylvia McLain op Maandag 2 maart 2020

Sylvia admits that she heard «all the stories» that in the house lives a Ghost of an elderly woman and says that one former resident even called the Ghostbusters to try to clean the house from spirits.

But she adds that the owners would like to «preserve the history of the house», so offer it for free to anyone that wants «to move it to another place for restaurant». They want to build on area a new house.

Don Vallot Geklaut, who lived in the house once, claims that the house really is haunted and the spirit of her great-grandmother Adele often appears in the kitchen.

Don said that her family owned the area since 1860. She explains: «We believe that a Ghost is Adele, but she is not evil. She weighed probably 100 pounds and was only 4 feet 9 inches. She lived to almost 90 and loved to Tinker in the kitchen. She was known for this, and when we lived here, we often heard her strumming pots, as if something was on the stove. You can hear as someone lifts the lid of the pan, but no one in the kitchen was not.»

Sylvia, who went to school with dawn, says: «I don’t know if the house is haunted, but I know about the rumors surrounding the house. I know that a lot of people say that the house has ghosts. Dawn and her brother always tells the story that their great-grandmother was stirring something in a saucepan when they played cards in the living room. That is, there are quite a nice history that the house has ghosts».