The man in isolation was renovating a house and found beneath it secret cave (photo)

A resident of Devon (United Kingdom) was amazed to find secret cave under his house. The underground space was probably sealed at least 50 years.

Jake brown on the isolation worked on a Georgian property, which was recently bought in Plymouth, when he noticed on one wall a stain, the texture of which are different from the rest of the surface. In curiosity he took a drill and began to make small holes. When Jake blew a hole into which he could climb his head, he was astonished to find a huge area under the house.

«It was like a cave or grotto. I took a torch and crawled inside. Stone-vaulted ceiling was in excellent condition. Dimensions of the cave approximately 3 meters in height and 3 in width,» — said the man.

In a strange place, the landlord found piles of debris and started digging through it to find some clues about what he found.

«The biggest discovery was the paper, it just crumbled away at the touch, so I gently placed her in the warm bath, as I do from such evidence in the criminal series,» continued Jake.

The man in isolation was renovating a house and found beneath it secret cave (photo)Credit: SWNS

In the end, one of the pieces of newspaper he found the date – 1964 year, which meant the cave was closed for more than 50 years.

Jake brown decided to get in touch with a historian named Richard Fisher, and told him about the discovery.

«Houses in that era were built with large cellars, for example, coal — said Fisher. Years later the owners of the houses have turned the basements into wine cellars, places for growing mushrooms, even in a kind of grottos for swimming».