Trump’s neighbors demand to ban him from moving to Mar-a-Lago

Trump’s neighbors demand to ban him from moving to Mar-a-Lago

Although Donald Trump has not yet admitted defeat in the election, according to sources, the first lady and the Secret Service are already busy preparing for his post-presidential life at Mar-a-Lago.

There is only one problem: neighbors who are not too eager for Trump’s move. Moreover, thanks to legal agreements signed by the current president in the 1990s, they can prevent a businessman from making a private club in Florida his next home, The Washington Post reports.

On Tuesday, Trump’s neighbors sent a letter to the Palm Beach City Administration and the Secret Service demanding to notify Trump that he could not live in Mar-a-Lago due to an agreement concluded in 1993. According to the neighbors, by refusing to move him now, the authorities will be able to «avoid an awkward situation» in the future.

Trump made Mar-a-Lago a private club in 1993 and, in order to get approval for innovations, signed an agreement that members of the club can not stay there for more than 21 days a year or 7 days in a row. At the same time, his lawyer confirmed that Trump would not live in the club and would not use it for personal purposes.

«There are absolutely no legal prerequisites for him to be able to use this property as a club and his home at the same time. — said Glenn Seitz, who owns the property next door to Mar-a-Lago — In fact, he has nothing to show us.»

A representative of the Trump Organization also commented on the news, telling The Post that «there is no document or agreement prohibiting President Trump from using Mar-a-Lago as his residence.»