6 myths about the US visitor visa

6 myths about the US visitor visa In order to get a visitor visa to America, you need to go through several stages :

  • receive an invitation;
  • give it and your passport to the courier service and two of your photos;
  • then you will pay for the services and after that you will be told when the interview will take place in consulate.

Consider some of the most common myths associated with obtaining a visitor visa to the United States 6 myths about the US visitor visa 1. The solidity of the guest invitation

It should have as many seals and stickers as possible to impress the consular staff.

In truth, the more stamps on the guest invitation, the more suspicious the consular staff becomes. A visa can be obtained without a large number of seals, as long as the person who writes the guest invitation has American citizenship. The invitation can even be written by hand.

After that, you need to fill out a visa application form. This is where the second myth begins.

2. The questionnaire must be filled out on the embassy website online and in English

After that, you must print the questionnaire and bring it to the embassy courier service. This is exactly what is written on the website of the embassy.

But in fact, everything is not quite right. Upon arrival at the couriers, you will be asked to fill out the same questionnaire in your native language. From your Russian version, the questionnaire will be filled in by the operator of the embassy in English. After completing the application form, you will be asked to pay money for a visitor visa. After that, you will be told the date of the interview at the consulate.

6 myths about the US visitor visa3. Divorced and unmarried women are not given visas

This is not entirely true. It will be just great if you are invited by a former classmate or girlfriend. In addition, you need to dress appropriately (something decent and do not bright defiant makeup). It is also necessary to answer interview questions wisely.

4. To get a visitor visa, you need to be a wealthy person

Be sure to take with you a certificate of income, property (business, car, apartment, and so on), a birth certificate of a child and a marriage certificate. These documents may not be asked for, so do not poke them at the consular officer until he asks for them. And they rarely ask for these documents. And be sure to take your visa payment receipt with you.

5. It is very good if you speak English with the consular worker

It's also a myth. You need to speak Russian at the consulate, as employees are inclined to believe that if a person speaks English, then he most likely will not return. In general, all answers should be in their native Russian language.

6 myths about the US visitor visa 6. Plane tickets must be purchased in advance and shown to the consular officer during the interview

This is not necessary at all. No one is asking you to show your tickets. If you are offered a visa for a year or two, then you have succeeded. After the interview, your fingerprints will be taken. And soon they will bring you a passport or tell you when you need to come for it.

And now some more useful tips for readers. When you first visit America, try to stay like this for a maximum of a month. In this case, there will be no suspicion that you want to stay there or find a job. Pretend that you have to return to your favorite country on time and go to work.

It is best to get a visitor visa in autumn and winter. In the summer, everything is done much longer. And remember that you need to order a visa a couple of months earlier than you plan to travel.