Apartments in Park Slope, where he lived Obama: an inside look

Apartments in Park Slope, where he lived Obama: an inside look

Obama lived here with his then girlfriend Genevieve cook, an Australian, whom he had met at the Christmas party in the East village in 1983. She was a teacher second and third grade at the Brooklyn Friends School.

As told in the book Barack Obama: The Story David Maranis, cook rented an apartment on the top floor of a townhouse a few steps from Prospect Park in the spring of 1984. Townhouse, built circa 1901-1903 is a traditional three-storey building are faced with brown stone, with Windows-Bay Windows.

In December 1984, Barak resigned from his first position in the College of Business International Corporation and moved into a townhouse in Park Slope was supposed to be only for a while. Anyway, the apartment he lived until March 1985 until Genevieve moved to another apartment on Warren street in Brooklyn. He helped her move, and he moved to the area of Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. In may 1985 the pair broke up.

Maranis explains: «Their living together did not work out». Entries from the diary of cook, saying that Obama was finding myself and purpose in this world.
A few months Obama will move to Chicago, get a job in Developing Communities Project, and thus begins to blaze their path to the White House.

Today, as in 1980-ies during his stay Obama, the house of brown stone, at 640 Second Street is not distracting from a number of other buildings on the street.
As reported in «the new York times» in 2012, when the apartment was described in the book Maraniss, current tenants, and neighbors first learned about the fact that there was Barack Obama.

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