Place on the centenary of the synagogue in the Upper West side will build a condominium

Place on the centenary of the synagogue in the Upper West side will build a condominium

The activists, who had hoped to save 94-year-old synagogue from demolition, ready to accept defeat, as the sale of a historic building is approved by a judge of the Supreme court of the state.

Xagħra Zedek congregation, which held services in a building built in 1923, sent e-mails to his parishioners, which stated that after a series of holidays in September she will «say goodbye» to the synagogue.

Place on the centenary of the synagogue in the Upper West side will build a condominium

Judge Debra James on July 27, approved the sale of a religious structurelocated at 212 West 93rd St. The developer Ornstein Leyton Company, which bought the property over to 34.3 million dollars, plans to demolish the synagogue and construct in its place a 14-story condominium. According to the plans, on the lower three floors can accommodate a congregation of Xagħra Zedek and its new synagogue.

The head of the synagogue Michael Firestone in the past said that it was a necessary financial step, because the contents of the old building is too expensive. In addition to the maintenance costs of the synagogue, the congregation was also responsible for the cemetery Bayside area of 16 acres in Queens. According to court documents, $ 18.3 million received from the sale of the building will be used for the construction of a new synagogue in the condominium, and another 8 million will be spent on the maintenance of Bayside cemetery.

The congregation she turned to Ornstein Leyton Company with the purpose to get rid of «old, beautiful, but extremely non-functional religious buildings». This was told by Scott Layton, a partner in the company, purchased the synagogue. Representatives of the Ornstein Leyton Company worked with the congregation to come to a variant which would suit both sides. Layton added that they also plan to create an open space on the second floor of the new synagogue and try to save the stained glass Windows and ceiling lamps of the present building.

When the news of the sale and demolition of the synagogue appeared for the first time, residents of neighboring houses have United in a Coalition of the district of West Ninetiesto protect the building, which they consider to be the real architectural gem. Residents have sent complaints in Community Board 7, to the Commission on the preservation of architectural monuments and elected officials of the district, but none of the officials could not help to prevent the demolition. The court’s decision conclusively determined the fate of the building.

Leighton reported that the demolition is scheduled for January, and construction will take another two years. September 10, Xagħra Zedek will hold a farewell meeting in the old synagogue.