Old town sells a house for $1 to attract new residents

January 21, 2020

Ruins of ancient Roman villas and shrines, the sun, the vineyards on the slopes… For some the prospect of buying a home in Italy is a chance to leave his old life and start over. This city offers a number of dilapidated houses at a price slightly more than the dollar (one Euro), wants buyers to have brought «life» with him — encouraging families or groups of friends to buy…


In new York landlady Maria Grinenko and contractors sentenced to a term of 4 to 12 years for a gas explosion, which killed 2 people

The building owner in Manhattan and a couple of builders were sentenced Friday, January 17, for the period from 4 to 12 years in prison for the illegal laying of a gas line that led to the deadly explosion. Nicholas Figueroa, a former eagle scout, was 22, when March 26, 2015 at 119, 121 and 123 Second Avenue burst into flame. Figueroa, who a few months ago graduated from College,…

January 18, 2020

Tenant pushed the owner of the house from the stairs, arguing over payment: the man died

Tenant pushed the owner of the house in new York with the main staircase of the building on Sunday so badly that the man later died. According to police, the homeowner – 71-year-old Edgar Moncayo — was trying to collect rent on Sunday on 102nd Street in Corona (Queens), when 22-year-old tenant Alex Garces pushed him down the stairs. The grandson of the deceased, 20-year-old Nicholas Jativa, told the Post…

January 14, 2020

Homeless mothers have taken over the house in California. The owner considers them squatters

In California, homeless women with children voluntarily settled in a vacant house with three bedrooms. The owner considers them squatters. Officials supported the move into the house. 4 homeless moms and their families live captured in November 2019 the house, protesting against the unreasonably high real estate prices in San Francisco. In support of the Auckland women was made by some California legislators. On Tuesday, January 7, the support group…

January 10, 2020

The student turned 35-year-old van to the new house to save on rent

24-year-old Caitlin Mooney decided not to pay their rent and turned an ordinary van into a real home. The girl acquired your Bedford Midi 1985 in may last year. The purchase cost of 3900 dollars. Scottish student Caitlin Mooney in Paisley learns to developer of mobile applications. The girl began to notice that all her savings go to pay for the apartment, so she decided that she is tired of…

January 9, 2020

Old mansion with 10 bedrooms in new York can be bought for $50 thousand – but there is a condition

December 27, 2019

Victorian mansion with 10 bedrooms, a total area of 6,000 square feet could be yours for as little as $50 thousand, but there is one catch: you need to make a proposal for the restoration of the historical building. The majestic mansion was built in 1861 in Auburn (state of new York) in the region of the finger lakes, about 25 miles West of Syracuse. The city of Auburn acquired…


Multi-millionaire looking for 10 people who will live with him in the coastal «Paradise» is a manor worth $5.6 million

December 20, 2019

Billionairecoffee tycoon from Germany is looking for 10 people who will live with him in «Paradise» — its coastal new Zealand estate for $5.6 million. Carl Ripen, who made a fortune on selling coffee, looking for people under the age of 70 years, that they are joined for life «in the municipality» in his distant manor Awakino on the West coast of the North island of New Zealand. This week…


A dog accidentally locked herself in the bathroom and smashed it to pieces to get out

Danish dogs — a large dog, so lock them in small rooms is strongly discouraged. And yet that is what happened to a poor guy named Bailey of riverside (CA). As explained by the hostess, the dog loves to explore the bathroom recently and had locked herself in there. Neither we nor the owner have no idea how such a thing happened, but hopefully that won’t happen again. Though, because…

November 27, 2019

«Unprecedented in new York»: infection a multimillion-dollar housing with radon has led to the death from cancer of a cat and four dogs

According to a new lawsuit filed in the Supreme court of the state of new York, the natural radioactive gas radon seeps through the floorboards of expensive housing in a complex of 42 apartment buildings in West Village Houses. Nick Hartman (’54) and his wife Tony Allokka (55 years), who own the diner Olive’s in SOHO, argue that the invisible gas that has no fragrance, have turned their home into…

October 27, 2019

Barbie dream house in Malibu to rent for $60 per night

October 18, 2019

For the 60th anniversary of the Barbie brand at Airbnb appeared unrealistic pink mansion in the best tradition of the beloved doll. This is a real 3-storey Barbie dream house with all plastic parts: including the legendary pink slide from the balcony to the pool and a beautiful view of the ocean. One lucky fan puppet of the brand and three of his friends will be able to hold on…