In upstate new York beheaded a statue of Columbus (photo)

In upstate new York beheaded a statue of Columbus (photo)

Not until in new York city at the famous Columbus Circle, and in the state of new York, in the Park of the city of Yonkers.

Local resident Pat Gambardella told NBC that walked in the Park in the morning, when I noticed that the monument is broken. Then the man called the police.

In upstate new York beheaded a statue of Columbus (photo)

«It’s very sad to see where the sinking of American values,» he said.

The head of a bronze bust of Christopher Columbusand was found abandoned nearby.

City police are investigating the incident. Law enforcement say it could be the work of teenagerswho beheaded Columbus for one night. They also believe that the incident may be connected with the unrest in Charlottesville, after which many cities began to demolish the «controversial» monuments, primarily confederates.

We will remind, some offer to dismantle the statue of Columbus in Manhattan due to the fact that he participated in the oppression of native Americans.

«Not to desecrate the monuments of such historical figures simply because you don’t like what they were doing,» says Pat Gambardella.

Another local resident, Chantelle Cleckley, says that the statue should be removed because look at the oppressors every day – not the best reminder.

«I think these monuments should be removed, but not this way. Not vandals,» explains Chantelle.

The statue of Christopher Columbus was found beheaded in a Yonkers park

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Vandals behead Christopher Columbus statue in Westchester #Yonkers

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