The road from Chicago to St. Louis will be shorter than an hour

The road from Chicago to St. Louis will be shorter than an hour

The Ministry of transport of the state of Illinois together with Amtrak on Monday announced that the state has received 12 new locomotives to service passenger lines in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Missouri.

The Minister of transport of Illinois Randy Blankenhorn told the Chicago Tribune that the new locomotives can reach speeds of up to 110 m/h, which will help to reduce the time of the trip from Chicago to St. Louis for an hour.

«We will get improved service in the form of reliable service, a smoother, quieter ride, lower fuel consumption and, ultimately, higher speeds,» he said Blankenhorn reporters.

Also, as said the representative of IDOT guy Tridgell, train route, Chicago — St. Louis continues to work on the signal system and installation of a security system known as «Positive Train Control».

In January, the state will get another 21 new locomotive.

Now use Amtrak locomotives Tier 0. The new diesel-electric locomotives «, Siemens Charger», known as «Tier 4» will be able to quickly gain and reset rate, which will increase their reliability, and they can accelerate up to 125 miles per hour.

The new locomotives will cost 215,6 million dollars and will be paid from Federal funds. They belong to the States and leased to Amtrak.