On a busy street Miami caught a big Python

On a busy street Miami caught a big Python

The last thing I expected to see clients coffeehouses Exprezo in Miami going outside was a huge snake, lying peacefully under a Royal palm tree.

Police of Miami beach, which caused some of those present, caught on the sidewalk in front of the store and dwelling house at 1300 Lincoln Road 1.8-meter Burmese Python.

As a large snake appeared in a lively area — is unknown. A police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said that Python is probably someone’s escaped pet. Now it will give in a natural reserve.

Indica Wanigaratne, owner of the coffee shop, near where you found the snake, told me that Python has the courage to catch a female police officer.

«First came a male officer, but he wouldn’t even come close to the snake. Then came the second officer, who also said he never touched grovel. Then, finally, there were people who did not panic. This character was a female police officer. She put on her gloves, picked up the Python and put it in a container. All around was screaming, but she was quite calm. She’s a genius», — shares impressions with the Miami Herald Indica.

A brave officer’s name is Tracy Sierra and, as Rodriguez says, the real protector of animals.

Later photos from a special operation to capture Python tweeted police chief Daniel Oates and signed «the Suspect is under control!»

Suspect apprehended! Officers responded to a call of a 6ft snake just off Lincoln Road and safely captured it. #GoodWork pic.twitter.com/N5M2mq47T6

— Daniel J. Oates (@MBPDChiefOates) August 30, 2017