In Bryant Park police arrested «vampire»

In Bryant Park police arrested «vampire»

About the unusual incident, reports NBC New York.

On Wednesday, police arrested 34-year-old Daniel Dentro after one of the witnesses, who was in the area near the new York public library, said that he saw how man attacked the dove.

In Bryant Park police arrested «vampire»

The police arrived about 13:45 and found the Dentro dressed in zapisannyy blood shirt.

During interrogation the man admitted that «hurt» a pigeon in Bryant Park. Later, police found the decapitated body of a pigeon. Body of the bird lying on the ground, and the head is fully severed — were lying near the body.

Eyewitnesses told the NYPost that the man had removed the heads of two doves, and then drank their blood. However, he proclaimed himself a «vampire.»

However, was taken into custody Dente not for the murder of the unfortunate birds. The man was detained for trespassing on the territory of Bryant Park because he was there at the wrong time.

The Department of environmental protection of the state of new York says that the killing of a dove is not an offense, if the bird has caused «trouble», although it is unlikely in this case we can say that the dove brought some inconvenience.

The law forbids to kill ringed and pigeons.

The dentro was taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation, and it is still unknown whether he advance any charges.

The police added that they do not know the place of residence of the detainee, may have been homeless.