FBI warns of threat of attacks by «anti-fascists»

FBI warns of threat of attacks by «anti-fascists»

The FBI and the Department of homeland security starting in 2016, warned that left-wing extremists known as the»anti-fascists»are becoming more dangerous and prone to confrontation.

The Department of homeland security (DHS) officially classify their activities as «domestic terrorist violence«, and the data obtained by POLITICO.

FBI warns of threat of attacks by «anti-fascists»

According to the publication, even before the notorious events in Charlottesvillewhen, during the riots killed the girl, DHS reported on the growing likelihood of death after clashes between right-wing extremists and left-wing radicals («antifa»).

In an interview with POLITICO, law enforcement officials were given to understand that this resulted in the rhetoric of President trump, which only aggravated the situation – so that they can not cope with it.
«These guys are from antifa appeared to Charlottesville at the meetings. Weapons, shields, bike helmets, Molotov cocktails,» — said the publication of one of the senior law enforcement tracking of domestic extremists.

«All wonder – what are we gonna do? How are we gonna handle this?» he continued.

Brian Levin, a former police officer in new York, and now works for the Center for the study of extremism in the University of California, San Bernardino, argues that both sides, anti-fascists and neo-Nazis – set up on the battle and the escalation of the conflict.

According to sources, POLITICO, some of the ultra-left activists traveled abroad to participate in the training of other anarchist organizations, including two Turkish groups, who are fighting ISIS.

In its assessment in April 2016 DHS and the FBI said that antifa is likely to become more threatening, if a «fascist, nationalist, racist or anti-immigrant groups will receive local authority. This will lead to the likelihood of attacks by extremists anti-fascists».

«We were much more not know about these groups than we know» — summed up the representative of law enforcement agencies in new Jersey.