Virginia received mysterious signals from a distant galaxy

Virginia received mysterious signals from a distant galaxy

Radio telescope green Bank West Virginia recorded 15 mysterious signalsthat come from the dwarf galaxy, located three billion light years from Earth.

About it reports The Daily Telegraph.

Virginia received mysterious signals from a distant galaxy

Signals was fixed by the astronomers of project Breakthrough Listen. This is a project created by Russian businessman Yuri Milner, with the support of world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. Breakthrough Listen is for 10 years and is engaged in the search for extraterrestrial life.

The radio signals last for literally a millisecond and they come from the object, which scientists named FRB 121102. First signals came from that back in 2012, but this time they were made at higher frequencies.

Scientists do not yet know exactly what are the source of mysterious signals. According to them, it can be as neutron stars with powerful magnetic fields, and spacecraft of extraterrestrial civilizations. Of course, this is only an assumption. It is known only that the signals had left the galaxy when our Solar system was only two billion years old and life started on Earth.

«We really don’t know where they came from,» said Dr. Vishal Ghajar research center, University of California at Berkeley. «At the moment we are aware of 30 similar signals, but these are repeated again and again.»

According to the scientist, if some form of life would send a signal to the other, such a method would be possible, but this is unlikely.

«We have more questions than answers. The more research we conduct, the more strange things we find,» added Dr. Ghajar.

Green Bank Telescope detects repeating radio signals from distant galaxy

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