Amazon offers the Express delivery provisions before the hurricane

Amazon offers the Express delivery provisions before the hurricane

You will be surprised if we say that for some people life during a hurricane in the habit? For example, a resident of South Florida Jackie Stevens survived a few storms and knows that the elements necessary to prepare in advance.

Jackie Stevens, a native of Philadelphia who moved to South Florida 35 years ago, I compared shopping for hurricane events from the allegorical novel «Lord of the flies».

«People will fight you over the last rolls of toilet paper and bread, told Jackie to Miamiherald. – I’ve even seen cases of fights over a Parking space».

Prudent woman made conclusions after the last series of hurricanes and pre-ordered on the website Amazon two blocks with bottled water, cleaning products, canned vegetables and cereal bars.

Amazon offers two-day emergency delivery of required reserves before the hurricane. Twitter users have already managed to leave angry responses, accusing Amazon of speculation on products at the time, when people are in dire need of supplies. The fact that Amazon offered to buy a block of water for 39,99 dollars, which is almost four times higher than the average price during emergencies.

$20 for a gallon of water on @amazon. @amazonhelp stop greedy people from taking advantage of others situation. #HurricaneIrma

— AshleyMarieAlvarez (@AMarieAlvarez) September 5, 2017

«Stop greedy people from using benefits in such situations.»

Can someone throw @Amazon in jail for price gouging? Really? $318 for shipping 2 cases of water by Saturday?

— Sam Caucci (@samcaucci) September 5, 2017

«Can someone throw @Amazon in jail for inflated prices? Really? $318 for shipping of 2 crates of water on Saturday?».