Tweet about the tooth fairy, which has not paid for a tooth that became viral

Tweet about the tooth fairy, which has not paid for a tooth that became viral

The tradition of leaving the fallen baby tooth under the pillow at night and in the morning to find in its place a gift from the tooth fairy, has long been perceived by children from English-speaking and other countries for granted.

But it happens that sometimes the fairy is too busy and «forgets» to look in on the baby. However, in the house of Warren, where young parents and their three children, visited quite picky magician who withholds payment for defective product, though, and takes it.

However, the tooth fairy was so nice, I left puzzled eight-year-old Sam, who was waiting for the award, a note which explained in detail the reasons for its decision.

Soon after this letter (prepared in formal style, by the way) has kindly shared the boy’s father, Henry Warren, with your followers on Twitter:

Our son is terrible at brushing his teeth. Turns out the Tooth Fairy has had enough

— Henry Warren (@henrywarren) September 5, 2017

«Our son is disgusting brushing her teeth. It turned out, the Tooth Fairy decided that she had enough.»

Dear Mr. Warren,

Sending You this letter to inform You of receipt of Your tooth, and currently this procedure is handled properly in our system.

You will notice that there has been a delay of payment for Your tooth. Mr. Warren, I must inform You that the reason lies in the condition in which we found above the tooth. We certainly expect a certain degree of wear of the teeth when we assess them. However, in the case with Your tooth, there is a need to pass it to a special Committee for further analysis.

We believe that this is due to lack of proper care and attention from Your side. We found a small amount of Fanta™ and the remaining traces of cereal and chocolate, which were not removed with thorough and proper methods of teeth cleaning. Recommend You urgently to reconsider Your approach to this matter.

Mr. Warren, we’ll take the tooth, but we need Your guarantee that the condition of Your tooth will be much better or we’ll refuse to pay.

Sincerely Yours,

The Tooth Fairy Barry

This post is published by Henry Warren in the beginning of the week, quickly became popular, receiving about 14 thousand likes, over 200 comments, and 4.7 thousand posts.

The tweet has caused a smile and the approval of the users who praised the father of three children for intelligence.

This is amazing! ?

— Rob McDowall (@robmcd85) September 7, 2017

«That’s amazing!»

Genius! Preparing them for the real word early….love it!!??????

— TankGirl30?? (@tankgirl_30) September 8, 2017

«Brilliant! Early preparation of children for what awaits them in the real world… I love it!»

Moreover, some of them admitted that, apparently, the Tooth Fairy Barry «look» to them.

Brilliant. I’m stealing this idea for use with our 7 year old.

— Jon Owen (@anotherJon) September 7, 2017

«Brilliantly. Steal this idea to use it for our seven year old child.»

I suspect this letter will be getting distributed to many other kids. Fantastic.

— John White Wildlife (@JWhiteWildlife) September 7, 2017

«I suspect that this letter will spread among many other children. Fantastic.»