Kinder Surprise will be in stores USA legally

Kinder Surprise will be in stores USA legally

Baby chocolate surprise eggs Kinder Surprise will soon appear on the shelves of U.S. stores. Favorite European treats, according to the press-Secretary of the Italian Ferrero, will go on sale in January 2018 .

Surely, you say, I’ve seen chocolate eggs in the shops. But technically, Kinder Surprise banned in the US FDA and the Commission on safety of consumer products. Surprise eggs consist of a shell made of milk chocolate with a capsule and small toy inside, which is in the hands of a child can turn into a dangerous object, causing suffocation, if the child, for example, will swallow it.

«Any Kinder product, which was sold in the USA so far, was made on an unauthorized basis,» — said in a statement. It follows that the chocolate eggs in the shops — either illegal imports or counterfeit.

On the shelves the US will be a slightly different kind of eggs — Kinder Joy. This egg is made of two individually wrapped halves. One of them was Nutella, two crispy ball and a small spoon and the other with a toy.

In Ferrero’s claim that annual sales surprise eggs are 3.5 billion pieces. Kinder Surprise is most popular in Russia and Germany, and Kinder Joy in India, China and Korea.