In the new York metro will be a scoreboard with a countdown time

In the new York metro will be a scoreboard with a countdown time

Waiting for the train at the metro station can be just exhausting, especially when you don’t know how long more to wait for his arrival, but in a hurry anywhere. Now this problem will be solved, promised in MTA.

Another amendment to program updates metro Capital Program for 2015-2019 talking about plans, MTA installing on platforms lettered subway lines digital display that counts down the time until the arrival of the next train. A pilot program has already been successfully implemented at stations N, Q and R lines in the past year.

Currently, only 179 of 472 subway stations in new York have a countdown clock, and the only lettered line with such watch is the line L. While we are not talking about a specific date for installing the new scoreboard, but the decision has been made.

Thus, it is important to understand that the appearance of subway stations of the countdown will not affect the quality of service. Delay of train arrivals and failures in the subway for various reasons still possible, but now passengers will have an idea about what is happening and how delayed the train.

The project implementation requires investments in the amount of 2.73 billion dollars.