Supporters of trump’s burn caps «Make America Great Again» in protest

Supporters of trump’s burn caps «Make America Great Again» in protest

Rumors about a possible collaboration of Donald trump with representatives of the democratic party literally sparked discontent among fans of the President.
The edition of the USnews reports that on Thursday, Twitter began to receive messages with pictures of the burning campaign souvenir caps with the words «Make America Great Again». People using the hashtag #burnmyMAGAhhtag, called on everyone to burn the caps in protest against the possible decision of the President to work with leaders of the Democrats.


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Earlier in a press there were rumors that Donald trump may make concessions in respect of the cancellation of the program, DACA and to begin cooperation with their ideological opponents of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.
Many supporters trump took this potential Union as a betrayal and defection from campaign promises to fight illegal immigration.

#AmnestyDon in 2016: «THERE WILL BE NO AMNESTY»

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For sure about a potential Pact between trump and the Democrats don’t know anything, including it is unclear whether the return of the President DACA program that protects young immigrants who were brought illegally to the U.S. as children.