Caution: dangerous beauty-trend

Caution: dangerous beauty-trend

What did not invent enterprising sellers to earn on gullible customers. The latest tale in the world of marketing is the use of wasp nests as a means to restore women’s health and improve sexual life. Doctors warn that a new trend not only performs loud promises, but is really dangerous.

Currently, some online retailers who sell oak galls (spherical excrescence on oak leaves), which contain the wasp eggs. They argue that pasta is of such a hornet’s nest is a natural means of cleansing the female genitalia.

According to sellers, the product also aims to improve sensation during sexual intercourse, to accelerate the healing of tissue after episiotomy (incision of the perineum to facilitate childbirth), and even rejuvenate the uterine wall. Almost the only caveat is that the tool may burn a little when applied.

But gynecologists say that this trend will bring more harm than good, as the means at its core is a drying substance, which helps to achieve the effect of contraction of muscle tissue.

Such drying of the mucous membrane of the female genital organs increases the risk of abrasions during intercourse and destroys the protective layer of the genitals.

Further, the doctors share with women professional advice: if something stings when you apply it to such sensitive body parts, it’s usually a bad sign.

So it is better to think a hundred times before using the popular and acclaimed funds, despite the completely organic composition.