The famous new York beacon will open its doors for a day

The famous new York beacon will open its doors for a day

This Saturday, June 3, will happen a rare event — the lighthouse Jeffrey’s hook , will open its doors to visitors, — have informed in city Department of parks.

Located at the foot of the bridge George Washington on the Hudson river, the lighthouse was built in 1880 year. In America he became widely known in 1942, thanks to a children’s book writer Hildegarde swift’s «Little red lighthouse» — from then it became his unofficial name. Back in the late forties lighthouse wanted to dismantle, but it caused the protests of residents who grew up on the book swift, and he was left standing on the Hudson.

Visitors can not only wander around the old lighthouse, but also to learn its history and secrets from tour guides of the Urban Park Rangers , an organization that introduces new Yorkers from natural and man-made attractions for 30 years.

The tour is free, it will be interesting for both adults and children. Beginning at 13.00. The lighthouse is located on West 181 Street and Plaza Lafayette, Manhattan ( Fort Washington Park).