The number of homeless in Los Angeles increased by 23%

The number of homeless in Los Angeles increased by 23%

The housing crisis in Los Angeles has reached its peak — in the last year on the streets settled 14 thousand people.

The latest report by the Los Angeles center for homeless unveiled shocking figures: currently, 58 thousand County residents do not have a roof over your head — this is as much as 23% more than in 2016. 34 thousands of homeless people live directly in Los Angeles.

It is noteworthy that among them 2.5 thousand veterans, nearly 3 thousand young people aged 18 to 24 years and the same children.

A sharp increase in the number of homeless has occurred on the background of rise in price of housing. According to the national report, Apartment list, the year the rental value of real estate in the City of angels increased by 4.5%, and now accounts averaged $1,331 per 1-bedroom apartment and $1,710 for 2 bedroom.

Despite all the efforts of the authorities, the shortage of budget accommodation is becoming more tangible. To provide a roof over the heads of all those in need, the County is short of 50 thousand affordable housing units.

With the homeless shelters, the situation is not much better: in the moment they found shelter only 9 of the 58 thousand homeless.