Sheriff’s deputies prevented a suicide in the County of Los Angeles

Sheriff’s deputies prevented a suicide in the County of Los Angeles

On Tuesday, the young resident of Pico Rivera, County of Los Angeles, tried to commit suicide, but local Sheriff’s deputies had to rescue her.

At about 11 a.m. the Sheriff’s office received a report of a teenager who is about to jump off a railway bridge. On the scene arrived Michael Stotz and Brandon Longoria.

Standing on the bridge, Sheriff’s deputies were convinced that the intentions of the girls is quite serious — when Stotz and Longoria moved through the rails, she was already standing outside the fence, leaning over the carriageway.

Militiamen managed to come into contact with the heroine of the incident, and she told them that she wants to die, because he was unable to accept the death of a close friend. Suddenly the girl threw from the pocket a piece of paper which later turned out to be a suicide note. Trying to distract her, Stotz asked to read. She agreed and then closed his eyes and threw his head back.

Seizing the moment, Stotz grabbed her hand and his partner quickly came to his aid; would-be suicide bomber managed to pull out of the boom, after which she was taken to a local hospital for assessment.

The video of the rescue appeared on the official website of the office of the Sheriff of the County of Los Angeles.

The Department stressed that this is not an isolated case, but usually the dedicated efforts of the guards behind the scenes. .