In new York took place the ceremony of awarding the diploma… in the subway (video)

In new York took place the ceremony of awarding the diploma… in the subway (video)

On Tuesday, may 30, one of the largest colleges of the City University of new York on the upper East side – Hunter College – hosted the annual ceremony of awarding diplomas to graduates.

But due to a faulty train a-line E stuck for 90 minutes between two stations in Queens, one of the students, 22-year-old Jeric Marco Alcantara, missed the celebration. However, he and his friends reacted to this with humour and decided to make an impromptu ceremony right on the train than have fun all the passengers.

Turned out to be quite comical: rush hour, Alcantara in a purple gown and academic cap with a tassel, his friend handed him the phone, the screen which shows the picture of the diploma, they shake hands. In this time of portable speakers playing the famous single ‘Time of Your Life’ by the American punk rock band Green Day.

One of the witnesses of this action, Nadia Afzal, was filming the incident on a smartphone and posted on his page in Facebook. The video was viewed over 1.7 million times.

Poor kid missed his graduation because of the train delay this morning….so we threw him a graduation on the train.

Published Nadiya Afzal may 30, 2017.

In your College Alcantara all hit, but even then, when the ceremony is almost complete. His cheerful friends again came to the rescue and handed Jericho his diploma on stage in the empty auditorium.