Faster Phelps: super invention help to beat the record

Faster Phelps: super invention help to beat the record

Young and talented scientists often set themselves ambitious goals. One of them is the underwater jet pack, which allows a person to rush through the water faster than the famous champion Michael Phelps on his best day.

For the miracle pack are Ryan Kung and David Shulman, two engineers from Silicon valley. On their YouTube channel called Eclectical Engineering («Eclectic engineering») you can see many videos dedicated to the creation of unusual gadgets and devices. But that jet pack was the most dangerous, but no less interesting project guys.

Faster Phelps: super invention help to beat the record

We all know that when you connect motor powered by electric batteries, and water no good can come, in addition to a powerful electric shock. Therefore, two of the inventor spent a huge amount of time figuring out how to create a waterproof cover for the compartment, which houses a powerful lithium battery.

Testing the waterproof shell was carried out at a depth of 1 meter, so, in fact, the scientists acted on their own risk while testing backpack at a greater depth where the pressure on him was much higher. Shulman, who was the Guinea pig, checking the backpack on health, told the Washington Post that he wasn’t so scared to test your project.

But, as seen in the video from YouTube, Shulman survived, and the experiment ended in a resounding success. At maximum speed underwater jet pack allowed the test to operate on a 6.25 mphthat helped to beat the record of Michael Phelps is 6 miles per hour.

A couple of inventors who mainly make their gadgets on the weekend, spent about 60 hours and $ 1,000to make the project jetpack a reality. They hope to improve his invention in the future, but their main problem is that the time on all the interesting ideas they have absolutely not enough.