What happens if North Korea will test a hydrogen bomb in the ocean

What happens if North Korea will test a hydrogen bomb in the ocean

The emptied oceans, falling planes and nuclear fallout are just a few of the horrific prospects of consequences of tests of the hydrogen bomb in the Pacific ocean.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea Lee Yong-Ho told journalists in new York that his country may consider in response to tough UN sanctions.

What happens if North Korea will test a hydrogen bomb in the ocean

«This will be one of action at the highest level against the United States,» — said the Minister.

Analysts immediately began to predict worst-case scenarios after such tests.

So, Oliver bühler, Professor of applied mathematics at new York University, told Motherboard that the explosion would entail huge waves.

«Underwater or surface explosion will in any case create a giant and powerful wave. And the shock wave will splash over 140 kilotons of energy,» said Buhler.

In addition, according to him, the possible and the fallout for many years (!) after the explosion.

In his analysis for The Interpreter of the Australian space analyst and writer Dr Morris Jones draws no less terrifying picture.

If an explosion occurs without warning, due to electromagnetic effects will turn off electronics on planes, in the range of the tests, and they collapse from the sky. It can even affect satellites in earth orbit, what can we say about life in the ocean will be just devastated.

Dr. Morris suggests that the likely testing in the Pacific hydrogen bomb had nothing to oppose trump, Kim Jong-UN.

He believes that Pyongyang might take this step, as their nuclear test site is too small, there just do not have enough space after the completion of the tests.

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— Chuck Woolery (@chuckwoolery) September 22, 2017

However, researcher of research Center of California’s James Martin believes that it is not in the range.

«My colleagues and I conducted an analysis which shows that the landfill of North Korea it will stand the test of hundreds of kilotons. I think if Kim Jong UN decides to test in the Pacific, it will be for purely political reasons,» he says.

North Korea has already carried out six nuclear tests in the North-East of the country. The most powerful occurred at the beginning of September.

According to observers, the force of the explosion was 259 kilotons, which is 16 times the size of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.