The immigration service has arrested about 500 immigrants in the course of «operation Safe city»

The immigration service has arrested about 500 immigrants in the course of «operation Safe city»

The US immigration service (ICE) during a special operation arrested 498 people from 42 countries for Federal immigration violations in many U.S. cities. About it reports a press-Department service.

Operation «Safe city» focused on cities and regions where immigration officers have been denied access to prisons. Recall that in some States, limited police cooperation with Federal immigration authorities.

This operation was directed against individuals who have violated the immigration laws of the United States. For example, have been caught criminals, known gang members, persons who are hiding from immigration, and those who returned to the United States after deportation. As the service participants in DACA are not under the scope of the operation group.

Operation Safe City which spanned form LA to New York ICE arrested 500 illegal immigrants in 4 days Share if u support

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«States of refuge who do not respect the regulations or do not allow us to obtain access to prisons, protecting the criminals from immigration pressure and create a magnet for illegal immigration – said the head of ICE Tom Homan. – As a result, ICE is forced to allocate more resources to conduct major arrests in these areas».

Of the 498 people who were taken into custody during the operation, 317 have criminal records; 68 are immigrant fugitives; 104 – a previously deported aliens are criminals; and are members of the 18 gang or cooperated with them.

Some of them will be under detention in connection with illegal entry and illegal return after deportation. The rest will be deported from the country.

Recall, a judge in San Francisco has suspended the presidential decree, which stops funding for cities, limiting cooperation with immigration services in the country.