The CIA is looking for Russian-speaking employees

The CIA is looking for Russian-speaking employees

The Central intelligence Agency of the United States (CIA) has posted a tweet in which he said that he is looking for Russian-speaking specialists. Candidates can only become American citizens with a diploma from a College.

Management is looking for those who show interest in national security. Post contained the following text: «do you Know what you can do as an employee of the CIA linguist? To reveal the truth.»

Speak Russian?
US citizen with a college degree?
Interest in national security?

Your skills are needed here.

— CIA (@CIA) December 29, 2017

On the website of the service described several professional fields, including jobs associated with the knowledge of a foreign language. The Agency warns that in case of approval of summary candidates must be willing to «undergo a thorough check of his biography, character, degree of trustworthiness, loyalty to the country and soundness of judgment». On the website noted that staff will check man of steadfastness in the absence of allegiance to another state.

Future CIA agent must undergo health check to determine mental and physical condition. On the website it is noted that officers periodically undergo such tests, including a test for drug use.

We will remind, ex-CIA agent Valerie Wilson aims to collect the necessary money to buy Twitter and ban him as the head of the United States.